Hodor is Coming to India

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Game of Thrones fans in India, get ready to freak out because Winter is Coming to Delhi and we know what’s coming with it! Hodor aka Kristian Nairn will be the special guest at this year’s Delhi Comic Con, to be held on December 4-6 at the NSIC Exhibition Complex, Okhla.

After Mumbai Comic Con managed to bring Mycroft Holmes/Tycho Nestoris (Mark Gatiss) last year, hopes were high for this year’s conventions and it seems that the fans in India will not be disappointed as Game of Thrones has developed a sizeable following in the country since its debut in 2011.

It is not known if the talented DJ/actor will also be a part of the Mumbai Comic Con or not. You can buy your tickets here and see Nairn speak more words than just ‘Hodor’ :). But please don’t ask him if Jon Snow is coming back though, he may not like it!


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