GOT Spoilers: A Huge Battle Is Coming And It Will Be Insane

huge season 6 battleWe have new information about Game of Thrones Season 6 and it is about the huge upcoming battle which everyone is discussing off late.

*** Spoiler Alert ***

People are calling it the battle of six armies, the battle of the bastards or more conveniently, SnowBowl. Irrespective of the name, this fight is expected to be huge. It will be between the Starks and the Boltons and if sources are to be believed, a Jon Snow – Ramsay Bolton showdown is definitely on the cards.

Other 4 armies include the Karstarks, the Umbers (Bolton Allies), the Wildings and the Mormonts (Stark Allies).

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As per our reliable friends at Watchers on the Wall, Sansa Stark (Sophie Turner) has been spotted filming near the battlefield which means she will be reunited with her half brother Jon. However, their source didn’t spot any White Walker performers. The battle is expected have some major casualties and known characters will die.

Also, Ramsay Bolton will display at least 2 known characters’ burning┬ácorpses upside down on X-crosses, during the battle. A ball on the stick was also spotted which is usually a stand-in for CGI characters. We are guessing that Wun Wun and the other giants/creatures will also ally with the starks.


  1. Sansa been spotted near the battlefield does not mean at all she will be reunited with Jon. For all we know, in typical GoT cruelness, she can be killed before she finds him.

  2. How come Umbers become Bolton allies? Lord Umber was not present in the Red Wedding (unlike the books) so he is free and plotting against Boltons to restore Stark rule over the North. It’s confirmed and also Rickon Stark is at Last Hearth the seat of House Umber. Umbers are hiding him and plotting with other Northern lords to restore him.

    1. Yes but maybe they decided to take some of the plot from the book, where some of the umbers are plotting with the Boltons to take down the starks

      1. No my friend in the books Umbers are not against Starks. Since Lord Greatjon Umber is caught in Red Wedding and in the prison. Umbers are pretending to be loyal to Boltons just like House Manderly and other Northern Houses. Only real Northern allies of Boltons are House Karstark and House Dustin (who all have personel grudges against Starks because of the lost of their loved ones) even in this situation one of the Karstark lords refuse to help Boltons and supports Starks.

      2. well damn you’re right i dunno why i was getting the umbers mixed up with the karstarks…my bad!

      3. Maybe in the show the umbers are with the boltons and as rickon is with them, he is given to the boltons, whereby ramsay displays him in the upside crosses.

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