Spoilers: What’s Happening in Riverrun?

riverrunThe Siege at Riverrun, among the last outdoor shoots for Game of Thrones Season 6, is currently being filmed and our friends at Winter is Coming have exclusive spoilers about what’s going in RiverRun and who’s meeting whom.

** Spoiler Alert **

The below set photo looks like the inside of Riverrun, with Tully sigil visible on the banners and the wall. Both Brienne and Jaime have been spotted in the area and if the sources are to be believed, they also share a scene in Season 6, which takes place in Jaime’s tent. The conversation doesn’t go well and Brienne storms out. It is believed that Brienne has apparently sided with the Tullys whereas Jaime is trying to besiege them.

house tully set photoAlso, there is another reunion happening in Riverrun..  Well, not as big as Brienne and Jaime but Pod and Bronn will also have a scene together where the latter, though happy to see his old friend, sneaks up behind Pod and pretends to attack him.

Siege of Riverrun has already happened in the books. It takes place near the end of War of the Five Kings and Ser Brynden Tully is besieged by the combined Lannister/Frey forces. You can read more about it on the ASOIAF wiki.

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