Looks Like Another Dead GOT Character is Making a Comeback

A character that is already dead in Game of Thrones looks set to make a comeback on Game of Thrones Season 6. Though, it is likely that this character will feature in a flashback/dream sequence rather than coming back to life.

** Spoiler Alert **

Tyrion’s traitorous lover, Shae, played by Sibel Kekelli was spotted on the set in Peñíscola, Spain last year along with with GOT creator David Benioff and Conleth Hill (Varys). Peter Dinklage is also reportedly filming on the same set which could possibly mean a flashback/dream sequence featuring Shae and Tyrion. Sibel is also reportedly staying at the same hotel as rest of the cast. You can check the images below.




    1. It’s real, I saw it. Had to laugh too :D. But I gotta say, it’s not really Peniscola, because it’s written with this special spanish letter ñ (the n with the ~ above). That also makes the difference between spanish anos (anus) and años (years) :D.

      1. You were right about everything except one little thing: The word “anos” it’s in plural meaning that “ano” it’s the singular word, so considering that “anus” it’s not “anos” in Spanish because “anus” it’s in its singular form, should be “anuses”, “ani” or “assholes” take a pick 🙂

      2. Haha, thank you! To be honest, I don’t speak much spanish (and I’m also not english native either :D). I saw this kind of joke on Facebook few days ago :D.

      3. Yeah it’s way more easy to spot those jokes being your native language english, I had to read the comments in order to spot the joke lol

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