Watch: David Benioff’s Reaction to ‘Jon Snow is Alive’

2015 Emmys coincided with GRRM’s birthday and host Andy Samberg teased the author with this photoshopped picture of how Martin must have looked at his first Emmy award.

grrm babyBut the best part of the segment was when the Brooklyn Nine Nine star joked: “Thanks for telling me during the commercial that Jon Snow is alive.” Here is David Benioff’s, the co-creator of Game of Thrones, reaction to this joke:

Was that a “Oh you know nothing Andy” head shake or more of a “I’m getting really tired of this ‘Jon Snow is alive’ BS” headshake? Shortly after, D&D won an Emmy for Season 5 finale “Mother’s Mercy”, which was the 9th Emmy of 2015 for Game of Thrones.

Game of Thrones went on to broke Emmy Record for most wins with 4 PrimeTime Emmys and 8 Creative Emmys. Peter Dinklage won his second emmy for his role as Tyrion Lannister. For a complete list of winners, click here.

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