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It seems that an anonymous user at 4chan either has some really terrific sources or has way too much free time on his hands. Most likely the latter but you never know. Some of it might well be true. Nevertheless, it isn’t that bad and I actually enjoyed reading it. Let us know in comments whether you think this ‘leaked’ plot for Game of Thrones Season 6 is plausible or not.

Possible Spoilers ahead:

got season 6 leaked or fan fic



  1. I don’t think they would change Arya’s bit that much from the books. In the books the blinding was simply practice and wouldn’t it freak people out nicely if the first couple of scenes showed Arya being pretty much okay and Jon Snow on his funeral pyre?

  2. that would be the best season yet. I think the HBO guys making the show should read this stuff! It’ll be a total bummer if what they bring season 6 does not surpass what i’ve just read here!

    1. Here’s the problem though. This guy was able to put together the horn stuff. So he either does know what’s going to happen or he’s somehow put a lot of it together. I’ve not heard anyone else anywhere talking about how Euron is attacking oldtown in order to get horn or winter, and he send victarion on a suicide mission and/or maybe kill the dragons, not steal them. Faceless men help euron to kill balon so that can start their plan to kill dragons but they might not know that euron plans to bring others through. That’s part that makes me think this guy is for real

      1. In the book, both Euron and Victorian are hoping to marry Khaleesi to get her dragons, so an ulterior motive of rather killing them off does seem interesting.

      2. The “Horn” makes sense….Euron took the horn from the Citadel (the same horn Sam found North of the wall and left at the Citadel) THINKING it was “Dragonbinder”, which apparently, it was not. It is the “Horn of Winter” It would seem Euron is not to bright.

  3. Not sure, i reckon some of this might be on point, however, its said Cersei will be killed by the little brother, to which, im pretty sure that wont be Loras, plus, the Mountain as he is cannot talk.

  4. Nothing more than a shitty fanfic with lots of fanservice to draw attention. Utter bullshit.

    And if people truly think this would make an “awesome” or “the best” season, no wonder why what’s actually delivered by the show is seen as good writing and why its obvious plotholes are completely ignored.

  5. Yeah, right. This is most definetily fanfiction.

    The Dothraki are just gonna follow Dany and Jorah after a “confrontation”? Isn’t Hodor much much younger than Ned and co (actor playing young Ned is 13, Hodor would have to be like 4)? How can he talk? Why does Cersei refuse to talk to Tommen after confessing and making the walk of shame just to see him? So much bullshit, whoever wrote this must’ve been drunk as fuck. If this is the actual season 6 script, I’m giving up on the show.

    1. Oh, please, don’t! If YOU give up on the show D. B. Weiss and David Benioff will stop making the show! You’re the most important fan in the world!

    2. With all the shit they pulled of in season 5, I wouldn’t put it past them. Joni my club and wait for the books. Screw D&D and their fanfiction! ^-^

      1. What stuff was that? The only things that truly made no sense where the Dornish storyline and every Stannis scene in episode 10, and arguably Sansa’s Winterfell storyline. The rest was pretty solid tbh.

      2. How did the Night’s Watch betrayal make any sense? In the books Jon Snow betrays his vows by trying to lead the wildlings against the Boltons.

        Instead the reason was, “Cuz Wildlings.”

      3. That is what I am doing. So many things are totally unlogical in the series… They just don’t make sense… I’ll wait for the books… after all we have tons of patience 🙂

      1. Doubt that that would ever happen, after all she despises him… remember the last words? She had the chance to make it all good but she chose to be a bxxxx…

    3. just one thing, It will have a Hodor’s flashback, the young actor was recasted to play a young (obviously) Hodor. But it doesn’t make sense in that way, the flashback will be more to show us that Bran is powerfull and those things

  6. Obviously taking this with a grain of salt, but much of this seems to be true. If you’ve been keeping up with casting calls, actor sightings, pictures from filming, basically anything Watchers on the Wall has posted so far about season 6, some of this is very consistent with that. It could also just be someone who reads WOTW’s posts and took those elements and ran with them, but I would say that at least parts of this are real.

    Maisie Williams (Arya) has been seen filming a scene with the Waif chasing her, so it is very likely that she kills her. She is also going to be a part of a theatre troupe performing a play about the Lannisters and the Starks, there are many pictures and castings to back that up.

    Natalie Dormer (Margaery) was spotted filming a scene where Jaime Lannister rides with an army of Tyrell soldiers to force the High Sparrow to release her, and she does appear to have converted to their faith. Whether she actually IS converted or if it is just an act, who knows.

    Bran’s flashbacks are at least partly true, as a young Ned has been cast and it is speculated that we will find out more about Hodor. They are also filming at a location that will be the Tower of Joy.

    Euron has been cast, along with the entire Tarly family. They have also been filming at a location that will be Oldtown.

    Also, there will be a huge battle involving the Boltons, Umbers, wildlings and others. Kit Harrington was seen at the location in Northern Ireland.

    As far as everything else, it sounds plausible but there’s no sources or evidence to back it up. But, as I said, many parts of this are true.

      1. Dani will be betrayed three times: once for love, once for gold, and once for blood. Maybe, Daario would be for “gold”? Varys for “blood” (if not Dani, then Jon or Gendry)? Who for “love”?

      2. viserys was gold (desiring royalty), jorah was love (fell in love with Dany and never told her about his original purpose because of it), daario would be blood. one could argue that viserys was blood, not gold, but he didn’t really use Dany /because of her blood/; he used her because she was pretty and it would help him become king. yay~~~~~

      3. Season 1’s witch was blood.
        Jorah was gold (gold here signifying the Lannisters.)
        Love would be Daario because she wouldn’t marry him. (Although, he presumably only wanted to marry her to be King.)

        Go home, bitches. I nailed it.

        Btw, based on all the spoilers/castings/set photos…um…. THIS IS ALL ACCURATE. Oy. Not sure how I feel about the Lannister stuff but I guess they had a good run. 6 seasons out of 8.)

      4. Actually, Brown Ben Plumm was gold. Hizdahr was blood and Daario would be love (cause she refuses to marry him). This is the book though, of course, asnthe the three betrayals prophesyn is in the books only.

      5. He didn’t betray her out of love though (in the beginning) it was for gold. Betrayed for love sounds like someone wants to protect her from herself.

      6. I agree Hizdahr is blood, gold was Jorah? Or will Jorah end up being love? Maybe she’ll start to become too much like her father and Jorah wants to save her for herself??

    1. I don;t know man, it’d be in keeping with the way the show runners have been trimming excess story lines.

    2. Now that i have seen all the trailers and clips i have to say one thing….there are some parts in his story that seem wrong like the death of podrick and a couple of other things. but after all there can be some truth to it.I mean he describes things impossible for someone to know 7 months ago.Maybe it is a real script upon which they made changes along the way.But i think we have something here.All of you who have seen the trailers and all by now you cannot argue that there are indeed stuff in his description that are spot on.

      1. The Dorne plot and some other stuff from the trailer (Pod is seen in the riverlands with Brienne, therefore doesn’t die in the north) are proving this “spoiler” is no more than an educated guess based on some info that leaked during shooting.

    3. yes I believe jon will rise from the fire. Because they burn the death and fire cannot kill a dragon. he will be reborn form the fire just as daenerys in season 1 …

      1. Not all Targaryens are fire proof have you read the books? have you read the interview with George R.R stating theyre not fireproof. Infact a quote from him is ‘She is called The Unburnt because she walked into the flames and lived. But her brother sure as hell wasn’t immune to that molten gold.’ the whole thing is on Reddit.

        I hope Jon Snow is back however even George R.R stated himself what Dany did was a one time thing and she wouldnt be able to do it again.

      2. There’s that…And Jon was burnt by fire beyond the wall in season 3 or 4 I think

  7. Honestly, this reads like someone with too much time on their hands that’s been following the casting/photography and strung something together. Arya killing the Waif I can buy (obviously having not read “TWOW” yet). I also highly doubt that Cersei is dying off this season (Tommen is a goner) or the Wall is coming down just yet. The latter seems very much like a Season 7 cliffhanger and the former seems to be based on the fanfic episode titles “leaked” a few days back where the season finale is called “Valonqar”. Bits and pieces, like the theater troupe and the Kingsmoot, ring true but it seems like they’ve been added to provide the rest of the post with some semblance of legitimacy.

  8. This sounds more like a solidly founded fanservice than the actual plot.

    1.I don’t think Frankenguy can speak.
    2.I think Arya lost her sight for good.The many faced god is not the forgine ‘n’ forget type.She’ll probably be tought humility and how to kill with her other senses.I think she’s too far from returning to Westeros,and,if she’s back,she’s most likely not gonna be a key plot player.
    3.Wait,so they pay like a million to protect a scene with Cersei and they don’t even bother with all those ‘reported’ Kit Harrington sightings?I smell BS here.
    4.This whole ‘Second Sons-Harpy’ ordeal has plot holes all over.Why would Daario reveal himself now?He’d have plenty of chance to take the throne for himself,killing the dragonless Danny in the arena or even after that,refusing to track her down and usurping the throne.And,why would he go apeshit on Danny,knowing there’s a whole lot of Dothraki at the door who also have access to the dragons?I smelled it before,now I’m calling it.BS!

      1. look at the filming photos at Watchers and WiC, they show her to not be blind, joins the theatre company, describe the fight with waif and more that this person also states. Could be fanfic as good as TWD’s are (taken from promos, photos, casting calls you name it) .

    1. 1. In the books, Frankenburry can’t speak, because he has no head. So, it’s possible that the show let’s him speak for dramatic effect.
      2. Arya lost her sight as a punishment. The faceless-men gave her a temporary poison, threw her out on the streets, and then later rescued her, giving her sight back. She’s also one of GRRM’s favorite characters, so her story isn’t done.
      3. The Cersei scene was all CGI (done with a body double), and that’s why they paid big money to protect the scene.
      4. In the books, her new husband is the most likely leader of the Harpy. But, the books haven’t revealed who it actually is yet. While Dani is still missing, Barriston (who’s still alive) stages a coup, and locks Dani’s husband up. Daario is off on some mission. But, remember Dani will be betrayed for love, gold, and blood.

  9. The whole thing is ridiculously crafted.

    That Daenerys supposed arc is just idiotic. She lets herself be captured just to all of a sudden reveal who she is (as if it were too difficult to know). “Quotho” doesn’t even live anymore, for instance (he was killed by Jorah on season 1), but if he did, he would recognize her on sight.

    The Arya part: the author just added the bit about the acting troupe because it’s already been leaked, but we don’t get to know what its relevance is at all, she just hangs with them a bit and then out of nothing she wants out and is being chased by the waif (another leaked scene).

    Randyll Tarly lends Heartsbane to Sam and that deserves just one line, after all the casting over the guy’s entire family.

    Jon Snow comes back to life again and behaves as if nothing had happened at all, he’s just some guy who got stabbed and now walks again and leads people, pretty regular shit, huh, nothing odd there at all? There’s fucking Stoneheart in it, come on.

    Of course, bits like “The North remembers” and Olly getting killed to revive Jon are likely to make “everyone” happy and more willing to believe in this nonsense.

    “If you believe that, you’ll believe anything”, as Wellesley would say.

  10. One major hole in this great, very convincing fanfiction: I have an informant from within, and he/she said Rickon dies in Season 6 as well as Shaggydog. Also, Ramsay is killed by jon before he kills Thormund. The Northern banners were Umber, Mormont, Reed, Stark, Karstark, and Manderlys. Jon leaves the Night’s Watch completely along with Edd.

  11. Jon Snow will not be resurrected by Melisandra. Review the scene in the cave with Beric and Thoros of Myr where she is incensed that she does not have the power to revive lives. Davos will kill her the minute he learns about Shireen’s death from other deserters that arrive at Castle Black. Jon Snow’s fate has already been filmed and presented. The White Walker who used to be Benjen Stark will find him and take him to the WW King. Benjen turned WW is the same White that did not kill Sam out on the ice tundra when he saw Sam hiding behind a rock. Myrcella will not die as Bronn has the antidote and was warned by Tyene about the murder plot. Review the scene on the dock between those two. Brienne will meet up with Sansa and they will head for the Wall to rally forces against the Bolton’s. Theon will head for the Iron Islands to rally his forces also against the Bolton’s. Arya will regain her sight and meet up again with Gendry as she will become his wife. That little tidbit was already provided for you. Sansa will set out to get revenge on Littlefinger for setting her up with Ramsey. She will gain the support of the Vale through an alliance with Robin. Seriously doubt that Dario is a Harpy. That makes zero sense. Sam will successfully complete his training at the Citadel and learn how to make Valyrian Steel and the secret of talking across the lands with Bran through the trees. He will also learn about Gendry (the blacksmith Son of Robert) and bring him along to make V-Steel weapons to fight the White Walkers. … And finally, Varys will be revealed as Azor Ahai. Setting up the final fights in the next season between good and evil.

  12. Similar to Jon Snow being dead, I don’t buy Arya’s storyline for a minute. If it goes this route, what was the point of her going to the Faceless Men?

  13. quiet a bit of this seems too good to be true, other bits sound stupid unrealistic and illogical from the books, some parts sound real, some parts sound awesome, some parts sound terrible and most of all, holy shit holy shit holy shit D&D have sure made a right mess of things, though if all this is true, or some of it it will hopefully still be fucking awesome, close enough to it or pretty cool at the last.

  14. Fake.The ‘leak’ originated from IMDb. It completely lacked the Dorne storyline, with the author claiming there’s no Dorne in the next season. It’s been confirmed there will be. Now, the author edited his fanfic and added Dorne after his blunder had been pointed out.
    It’s likely the same person who released the fake season 5 ‘script leak’.

  15. Very entertaining! About 90% of it is completely out of left field though. Why would Olly need to be sacrificed when Thoros simply says some words? Also, what about Cersei’s Trial by Combat?

  16. It would have been a terrific season, if things wouldn’t have turned out too fanfictionish. Specially since the part of Loras stabbing Cersei, I mean it could have been a new interpretation of the Valonqar pretty cool but not such an epic death for her which would be so lame at this stage, she deserves some backstabbing family business, the same with the flashback of Lyanna and Rhaegar. Don’t get me wrong because I love that theory but the way is constructed seems too fake.

  17. This person should write the script instead… Well maybe not the script (some of the language is rusty) but at least the plot outline. I would start watching again if this were what happened.

  18. As per A Song of Ice and Fire
    1) SmallJon Umber was killed during the Red Wedding.
    2) Sansa was betrothed to the knight who was heir to Vale after Sweet Robin.
    3) Theon and impostor Arya (Jeyne Poole) are captured by Stannis.

    I don’t know how these storylines will pan out in the book if what is written here is indeed true.

  19. Darrio could be the betrayer for love seeing how and I’m not 100% sure it’s been a while since I read the books but isn’t she in love with him… Viserys could be the betrayed for blood he was her brother… And Jorah the betrayer for gold… There’s your 3 betrayals

  20. Also didn’t the mountain swear silence until all of Cerseis enemies were dead? Which was made clear in the show. Why would he decide to talk aloud?.. Yell actually

    1. What if Rob Stark’s head has been put on the Mountain’s body? Silverblood brought that possibility up. He still wouldn’t be able to talk, but that would be super creepy.

  21. What should happen in the north remembers storyline is:

    -Season 6 opens with short flashback of Jon being stabbed.

    Ep 1.: Alliser Thorne has declared himself the 999th commander of the nights watch. Edd is outraged to hear what happened, and after accepting his best friends death, he insists on Thorne burning Jons body, because of all the wight stuff going on. But Thorne thinks Edd is hallucinating in his process to recover of the wounds he sustained at Hardhome, and also finds Snow doesn’t deserve a burning.

    Ep. 2: Alliser Thorne announces that he and a few of his most loyal rangers, will be escorting the wildlings back into their wildling territory. They do so, but are attacked by White Walkers. As wights attack ser Alliser, he looks into the eyes of the Night’s King, but manages to escape some White Walkers using Longclaw, which he stole from Jons dead body. He tries to take as many brothers with him back to the wall, along with as many wildlings (including Tormund and Wun Wun) as possible, now realizing that Jon had been right after all.

    Ep. 3: Alliser manages to returns to the Wall and says: “Burn the dead, all of them!”, only to find out that Edd rallied and has taken over. Edd responds calmly: “And what about those that brought dead?”, of course talking about the assissination of Jon Snow.

    Olly, who overheard Edd and Alliser’s conversation, decides to desert the Night’s Watch, however, his attempt fails miserably. Edd swears he will execute Olly personally for deserting.
    Edd also orders Melisandre to burn Jon Snow, but with the fire that has been lit on Alliser and a few of his men.
    They find Melisandre studying books in the library. She tells the men she is studying the written history of White Walkers, while in fact she’s learning herself something about the Red God and giving and taking life.
    At the end op the episode Alliser tries to convince the Night’s Watch, that in Edd a mad man is ruling the Night’s Watch, a man who has sentenced a young boy to death. Then Bowen Marsh, feeling guilty about what he’s done, confesses everything, including that Olly brought the final stab to Jon. Edd sentences Olly and Alliser and his troops to death by fire. After they’re all left burning and screaming in the fire, and the fire is all over Jons body as well now.
    Edd notices that Melisandre is whispering to herself very quietly, and is making some curious little waves with her hands, to which the red woman answers: “My prophecies have been wrong” (talking about her thinking Stannis was Azor Ahai), when suddenly all the flames go out, and we see Jon Stark open his eyes. Here ends the episode

    Ep. 4.: Edd is left astonished, and kneels down immediately for his reborn friend, to ask him to once more be their leader, and to be the 1000th commander of the nights watch, to which Jon honourably answers: “That honor shall go to you and no one else, Edd.”, like his death never happened at all. “I’m now Jon Stark, and I must take Winterfell back.”
    He leaves the Wall for good.

    On his way, Davos Seaworth tells Jon of the current situation in the North, and Jon plans to reunite the Northern lords to save Sansa. Only to find Sansa and Rickon at the Umbers, a few episodes later.

    Also a change in the Greyjoy-arc.: After Euron is chosen as King of the Iron Islands, Yara convinces herself to once more try to save Theon from the Boltons, since she just couldn’t erase the memory of this twisted person out of her head (and because he has better claim than Euron) Her party arrives around episode 9 at Winterfell, only to find a major battle going on there. Yara doesn’t know if she should join the fight, since she doesn’t really support any of the teams. But when she looks better, she sees that Theon has once more been captured by Ramsay, and that Ramsay is about to burn him in front of all the northern lords, who by now all know the truth about Rickon and Bran, and care about him again. Jon Snow didn’t manage to kill Ramsay, but Yara succeeds, with the power of love for your family, or something like that. After this the Greyjoys retreat and return to the Iron Islands.

  22. This is ALSO missing the news that Brienne meets up with Jamie at Riverrun… thankfully (since I’m an idiot who read it all) it should be fake. Actually, I remember the spoiler that more people die at the big Winterfell battle so this doesn’t account for all that…

  23. No way Trystane gets sent back to Dorne… Myrcella was just killed by the Dornish and you think the Lannisters would just send him back? I think some of this stuff will probably happen though.

  24. Through process of elimination it’s believed that Ian McShane is playing “a role similar to Septon Meribald and the Elder Brother from A Feast for Crows.”
    “He also says of his role, “[It’s] a one-off episode.””
    ““I’ll give you one hint,” McShane told Pop Goes The News. “I am responsible for bringing somebody back that you think you’re never going to see again. I’ll leave it at that.””

    This information was just released 4 days ago. It’s being widely speculated at the moment that the character he “brings back” is the Hound. I’m just saying, I haven’t seen anything yet that completely disproves anything in this “leak”, but a few things have come up recently that support it.

  25. This is definitely a fan service. Lady Stoneheart? Definitely confirmed to not be in the series. Jon just comes back and is still Jon? No. The Jon we know is dead. The most laughable part is picturing Sansa, Littlefinger, Jon, Davos, Melisandre…etc all sitting in a room together shooting the shit after an epic battle — where Ramsay gets wounded and runs away? The wall comes crumbling down season 6? A little too soon for something HBO is expecting to take at least 9 seasons (what they’ve publicly committed to).

    Locking up the third dragon… gah. No. It’s just bad. The only convincing parts is what whoever wrote this has been able to paste together from leaks. I highly doubt the show is going to skip Cersei’s trial by combat and replace it with an all out battle in front of the red keep. That would mean 2 giant conflicts in 1 season — that’s pretty hard to afford on a tv show. Trial by combat is way more exciting, fitting conclusion for Cersei, and far less expensive to film.

    1. It has been confirmed by HBO that they will have 8 seasons in total and probably a prequel season after the series is finished, so if the wall is brought down this season it would be at the right time.

    2. It’s been confirmed they have a tense meeting in the middle of winterfell. Take it for what it is this is pretty spot on except for the mountain part about him speaking

  26. A lot of this reads like Silverblood’s fan fiction, with some significant differences. The horn is a pretty big deal. I believe the Daario story. If you’ve read Silverblood’s The North Remembers, you’ll see a lot of similarities. I keep hoping we’ll see Danny and Jon meet each other at some point, but maybe not this season. The whole Riverlands stuff seems boring to me and unnecessary. The Greyjoys are pretty boring overall. The idea that Arya might take revenge at Walder Frey’s wedding is BRILLIANT. I hope it happens that way.

      1. Debunked.
        Trystane won’t be confronting anyone now, for a start. Doran won’t be planning anything either.

      2. Yep, this turned out to be poop. You were right good sir (or madame).

        On an aside, they REALLY jumped the shark with Dorne, IMO.

      3. I though I replied to you already…….

        You were right, total fan fiction.

  27. As great as it all sounds I don’t know if anyone could get that much information leaked to them. Looks like brilliantly written fan fiction to me but I hope a lot of it is true.

  28. It’s well thought but, Franken Mountain vowed for an oath of silence and can never speak until cersei’s enemies are all dead.. but maybe he can shout “I’ll send you to your gods then!!” before killing an enemy of Cersei..this would be one particular error that i found, if not…. i don’t know what else.

    1. The mountain hasn’t actually taken a vow of silence… in the book he just has no head and that is cersei’s explanation for why he doesn’t speak. I assume he doesn’t speak because he’s a reanimated corpse.

    1. Really? Everything about has been seen being filmed. From something as big as the Bolton vs Wilding scenes, to even the small “Playing with wooden swords” scene (which can be seen in the new behind the scenes trailer on youtube). Arya fighting and escaping the wraif (which can be seen in the trailer which i know wasnt out when you commented). The only thing that threw me is lady stoneheart and Edmure (which has since been seen filming). But I guess if theyll bring him and blackfish back this season, why not her aswell?!

  29. some of these seem a little too out of character and too ridiculous for the show, even for Dan and David, who have proven how low they can stoop, as presented in season 5.

    1. Have you seen the trailer or followed the spoilers? Everyone said “This cant be true” when it first came out based on Edmures return alone. Well, him (with blackfish’s) return filming months after this came around proved that wrong. “Ned and Rob with wooden sticks” can be seen being filmed on the new Season 6 behind the scenes preview on youtube, which a larger boy with them.

  30. “Oh, my sweet summer child”. This world ain’t so simple. Personally, i would love if it happens. However, as dave n dan say, which part of Valar Morghulis you didn’t understand. So, i am expecting something wild to happen. From the leaked pics, seems like Sansa is pregnant too. Just hoping jon’s resurrection and a safe and sound tyrion.

      1. 1) Aeron Greyjoy is not on Game Of Thrones. His character doesn’t exist (the official books of the series it’s say that Balon only has one brother in spite of the books).
        2) I really doubt the Hodor flashback is happening, because Hodor has always been that way.
        3) Sansa is… SPOILER IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN THE OFFICIAL PROMO PHOTOS… surely pregnant and it doesn’t say anything about that in that plot.
        4) There are many plot holes.

      2. I was skeptic at first but every confirmed set picture and promotional piece matches with this plot summary perfect.

        Also. Sansa isn’t pregnant. That was a bad angled shot.

      3. Confirmed not pregnant. (Shots from her last day of filming had her in a pretty tight dress, which was set many months after the escape.)

      4. Aeron Greyjoy has been confirmed for season 6, though. And in season 2, Theon gets blessed by a priest of the Drowned God by a character who very closely resembles Aeron, even if he was never explicitly named.

  31. The reveal of Daario as the Harpy would be really odd because, if he wanted to kill Dany or claim Meereen for himself, he’s had so many opportunities to do so already. And secondly, the show hasn’t given Daario any motivation to betray her in such a calculated way, or offered any indication that he would have any interest in thwarting her rule, or that he would have the connections with the Masters or anyone else to even orchestrate such an attack.

    That said, before they get to Meereen, Daario presents Dany with three flowers while discussing “matters of strategy.” The third flower he gives her is called Harpy’s Gold – “beautiful, but poisonous,” he says.

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