Game of Thrones Season 6: Entire Plot Leaked or Fan Fiction?

It seems that an anonymous user at 4chan either has some really terrific sources or has way too much free time on his hands. Most likely the latter but you never know. Some of it might well be true. Nevertheless, it isn’t that bad and I actually enjoyed reading it. Let us know in comments whether you think this ‘leaked’ plot for Game of Thrones Season 6 is plausible or not.

Possible Spoilers ahead:

got season 6 leaked or fan fic


  1. some things just dont work….for example the newest trailer shows Pod at a lannister camp with bronn….no way he dies in the third episode by brienne’s side. Pod and Brienne are also seen in front of Tully banners at one point.

    Tyrion is shown talking about needing the dragons against the harpy’s but dany is not around as we see him going to see vyserion and rhaegal himself….which he wouldn’t do if dany was there

    Cersei doesn’t refuse to see Tommen…in fact in the trailer she’s convincing him to ‘stand at the front of the army and show them what the lannisters are’ She is also seen kissing Jaime…

    FrankenMountain doesn’t seem to be able to talk in the trailer

    There seem to be quite a few scenes in this trailer to do with the night king, so i doubt they only show the walkers in the last episode

    Arya seems to be training in combat with the waif so i doubt she runs away so quick

    This story also doesn’t mention anything to do with Meera Reed and she is seen in the trailer

  2. this is not an anonymous user this is some cunt at the studios leaking a draft of the script asshole motherfucker

  3. Sorry to burst everyone’s bubble .. but one part of this has already proven to be inaccurate. According to today’s leaked pictures Tristan & Doran are shown to have been murdered. This made for a great read though! Could definitely see it happening.

  4. Last year, season 5’s plot was leaked, it was about half correct, so I am guessing this one could be the same deal, the first episode was pretty far off, especially in the Dorne scene, but the part of Briene and Podrick rescuing Sansa and Theon after being hunted down by the Boltons was pretty spot on, and it did look like Podrick was going to die by the sword at one point. I am guessing this “leak” just like last years “leak” is a early rough copy of the script, there will be many changes, just hope the Jon resurrection and Bran’s premonitions are true, too much unfinished business to have him die now.

  5. The truth is that this season it’s gonna be a disapointment, Jon stays dead and not much occurs in terms of story development, this becaus they dont want to spoil the upcoming book. So I bet we will feel like not much happened, the story doesnt advance much this season… prepare for the worst cause thats we are going to get, actually all things that most people dont like are going to happen. This season is kinda empty…

    1. Arya was surprisingly pretty spot on so far, but I guess it wasn’t terribly tough to guess. A lot of other stuff is wrong though.

  6. Obvious BS but I think some of it will, in fact, happen such as:

    a) The Vale coming in to aid Jon and Sansa
    b) The Wall coming down by the power of the horn – Although, Euron’s horn apparently controls dragons so it makes me wonder how the show will address the horns in terms of eliminating one and just combining their effects for simplicity
    c) I honestly have no clue which direction Mereen is going to go but I speculate that the dragons will begin to restore order sooner rather than later. Sidenote: Rhaegal certainly seemed to take a shine to Tyrion.

    … etc, etc…

    I am fairly sure that, at this point, we all have similar conclusions so listing them would be a waste. I am concerned about this “gift” the Umber’s plan to give Ramsay though.

  7. Are you talking about George R Martin’s books or about the TV series? The Dorne 3 scenes are obviously false (as far the 6th season is concerned). Trystane is killed by one of the Sand Snakes and never gets to talk to his father about anything. Illaria is not freed from any prison she’d never been in. she stabs King Doran under the shade of the garden throne’s canopy, while her servant slits Areo Hotah’ throat before he even grabs his scimitar. Illaria flees you’d better guess where. Podrick does not die in the encounter with Bolton’s men. We’ll see him sharing a meal and ale with Jon, Sansa and Brienne at Castle Black. Thanks for the post anyway, you have poisoned my gut to the last fiber with that scented liqueur of spoils, but I ate if full hog.

  8. Eu estava muito animado para vê-lo, eu acho que a história sempre foi muito bom em cada uma das estações. Sou fã das series, por que eu gosto do suspense de esperar um novo capitulo ou temporada e estou super emocionada com este novo lançamento de Game of Thrones 7, principalmente por saber como segue a história e o desenvolvimento dos personagens, acho que esta temporada promete muito e espero que cumpra as minhas expectativas.

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