Way to Go Tabloids: Thank You For Ruining Peter Dinklage’s Emmy Win

Did Peter Dinklage spit his gum into his wife’s mouth before his Emmy acceptance speech? That’s the headline every tabloid is covering today. Daily Mail is calling it “grossest thing Tyrion Lannister has ever been involved in yet”.

Well, Distractify wasn’t far behind. Though they didn’t call it gross, it didn’t stop them from doing a complete analysis of gum passing from one mouth to another in a series of GIFs. Do we really want to see this? Here’s a screenshot from their website:

Investigative Journalism at its best.
Investigative Journalism at its best.


And here’s what Stuff NZ had to say about it “The gross moment didn’t escape the eagle eyes of viewers at home” who were “both impressed and disgusted by the actor’s smooth moves.”

And Metro summarized it rather brilliantly- “Well no point in wasting it if it still had some taste left.”

If he had spit gum into someone else’s mouth, then it’s a different story altogether. But really… that’s his wife. You already share a lot of bodily fluids with your significant other so how’s passing of chewing gum ‘gross’? And there’s difference between spitting and passing.

Seeing these GIFs and the above video couple of times, I only have more respect for Peter and his wife. Even if he did pass the gum, you can see he politely asked first and his wonderful wife had absolutely no problem in accepting it. And why aren’t we considering that he may have swallowed it? Can we just leave them alone, please?

Game of Thrones broke Emmy Record for most wins with 4 PrimeTime Emmys and 8 Creative Emmys. Peter Dinklage won his second emmy for his role as Tyrion Lannister. For a complete list of winners, click here.

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