Interview: How Game of Thrones Changed Peter Dinklage’s Life

Two weeks before he grabbed his second emmy – Peter Dinklage, in a rare and revealing interview,  spoke about how Game of Thrones changed his life, his struggles as a young dwarf actor and his family. Here are some excerpts from the interview.

Dan Weiss once commented that both Peter and Tyrion are  are blessed with “a core of humanity covered by a shell of sardonic wit”. Does Peter agree with what Dan said?

peter Dinklage with Dan Weiss

Peter Dinklage was born with achondroplasia, most common form of dwarfism, and speaks of his struggles as a young Hollywood actor, back in the 90s.

peter dinklage achondroplasia

He also says he has high regard for the author George RR Martin, whose books form the basis of Game of Thrones.

peter dinklage grrm

Dinklage also spoke about his breakout role in Station Agent and how it ignited his and Tom McCarthy’s careers.

peter dinklage station agent

Peter also made a rather interesting revelation about his family and it turns out his daughter’s name is not Zelig.

peter dinklage wife daughter dog

And lastly, he spoke about How Game of Thrones changed his life and cost of the fame that has come with it.

peter dinklage tyrion

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