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01 - tcNf5a6

Jaime Lannister
02 - Jaime Lannister

Stannis Baratheon 03 - Stannis Baratheon

The North Remembers

04 - The North Remembers

Tyrion Lannister05 - Tyrion Lannister

The Thenns
06 - The Thenns

Jeyne Westerling/Talisa Maegyr
07 - Jeyne WesterlingTalisa MaegyrLoras Tyrell
08 - Loras Tyrell

Sansa Stark09 - Sansa Stark

Bloodraven 10 - Bloodraven

Arianne Martell/Sand Snakes
11 - Arianne MartellSand Snakes

Alliser Thorne
12 - Alliser Thorne

Tyrion Lannister 2
13 - Tyrion Lannister 2

Jon Snow
14 - Jon Snow



  1. I recognized most of this things you claim can’t be seen in the show, although I never read the books
    Ofc it can’t be as detailed as in the books

  2. A bit unfair but still funny.
    Most of the changes made for the show makes sense and some plot lines and scenes are IMO way better in the series. Still don’t know what the fuck they were thinking with the Dorne/sandsnakes though… an all time low that doesn’t bode well for upcoming seasons.

  3. I look at the books vs the series as parallel universes of each other, it helps! The books are vastly more interesting in story nuance. I want to see an animated version which closely follows the books. Female characters have a lot more strength and depth in the original text than the TV series, I’m hoping they turn things more in that direction in the coming seasons. Plus it has been missing magic!

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