Hodor was Happy When Jon Snow Got Stabbed

hodor jon snowA man of just one word, Hodor aka Kristian Nairn recently revealed in an interview that he was actually happy to see Jon Snow getting stabbed.  Nairn, 39, told Express.co.uk that he wasn’t sorry at all when he saw Lord Commander Snow (Kit Harington) getting betrayed and brutally stabbed by the brothers of Night’s watch.

“I actually thought ‘great’. Just to get things straight, I love Kit and I love his portrayal of Jon Snow but I’m not a huge fan of the character. So I was like: ‘Kill him! Kill him!’. He’s boring and there’s so many better characters on Game of Thrones. You’ve killed better characters than that. I didn’t understand all the weeping and wailing, so I say get rid of him. So who knows what’s going to happen though.”

Last season, Hodor and Bran storyline wasn’t featured at all and Nairn admitted to having absolutely no idea to what was coming until the episodes were aired.

“It was the first season I truly was in the dark about. I did not know about them. I still haven’t watched it. I know the big plot lines now mostly through Facebook, obviously my friends have told me what’s been happening, so I’m pretty much caught up.”

Though he is yet to watch the last season, he did see Cersei’s walk of shame and found it more distressing and shocking than Jon Snow’s death.

“I watched the scene with Cersei walk through the city. I just couldn’t believe it. I heard about it. I wasn’t particularly affected by it until I saw it and it starts off being quite mild and it just ramps up and ramps up. By the end of it, it’s just horrifying. You feel so bad for her. How can this get worse? It just keeps getting worse.”


  1. Lol He likes Cercei but dislikes Jon Snow. I think it’s better if he just keeps his vocabulary narrowed down to ‘Hodor’.

  2. How did u all exactly make out what he told. Maybe he gave an interview as “hodor hodor hodor…”

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