Game of Thrones Crew Plays the Ultimate Prank on On-Set Spies

Girona CathedralGame of Thrones crew has been busy. They are at Girona Cathedral this week which is being readied for the filming of a major King’s Landing scene. While readying the cathedral, the crew also got a little mischievous with onlookers.

Here is a picture of the set. As you can see, walls and windows are blocked with green screens. Also, if you see carefully, GOT crew has played the ultimate prank here.

Girona Cathedral gotStill Can’t see it? If you look a little closer to one of the upper windows, you will see a well placed white walker dummy.

Girona Cathedral white walkerWe are pretty sure that White Walkers have not made it to King’s Landing. Well played guys, well played!

via Watchers on the Wall

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