Emilia Clarke: ‘I Can’t Stand Sex Scenes’

emilia-clarkeStar of the hit HBO fantasy show Game of Thrones, Emilia Clarke has called for reduction in explicit content on television. She told DailyMail:

“Sex scenes should be more subtle. I’m British, so I cringe at that sort of thing anyway — I can’t stand it. I don’t want to have sex thrown in my face and I’ve always thought the suggestion is so much more titillating than the act itself. Most sex scenes you see in films or on TV are gratuitous and they’re usually just to attract an audience. On screen, the subtler the better”

Emilia plays the role of Daenerys Targaryen and had refused to do any more nudity in the show two years ago.

oona-chaplinHer co-star Oona Chaplin, who played the role of Robb Stark’s wife Talisa Maegyr, also disclosed earlier that one of the show’s leading actresses has refused to appear in any more topless shots:

“One of the girls in the show who got her kit off the most in the first couple of seasons now doesn’t at all because she said, ‘I want to be known for my acting not for my breasts’. I’m quite controversial when it comes to that because I adore women’s bodies. If it’s done in a beautiful way, in a way that honours the female form, then I’m always happy to see it. The objectification lies in the eye of the beholder, just like beauty. I’m really comfortable getting my kit off, so, if they want to, I’m like, ‘yeah, bring it, I’m naked, no problem.”


  1. well she does have a point (GoT excessive use of sex scenes), however, the theme is middle ages.. It may be sci-fi, but still middle ages.. and women literally were objects back then. They had a small voice, not an equal one, and yes, there was a lot of humping going on.

    I’m not saying that’s good or anything like that, I’m just saying that if you want to act in a middle ages theme series, you ought to expect some sex scenes to which you have no say… 🙂

    1. Do people not f*ck in your future or something? Too bad for you. But, really, there is absolutely no *need* for sex just because it’s a medevial theme. That’s just a plain lazy argument, and generally lazy writing to boot.

      1. None of these things contribute much to storytelling. I mean, maybe procreation if you’re into some seriously epic fantasy spanning 1000 years or something, but not the typical story. And if you’re telling that epic of a story, you probably don’t have time for the little details. Troops? not sure what that means unless you’re saying that soldiers committing rape is a required part of fantasy stories. I’d disagree. Distraction? Not sure I’ve ever seen sex in fantasy used as a distraction from the character’s life, usually as a distraction from the plot for the viewer.

      2. Sex is extremely important for royal bloodlines, especially when survival odds are bad. Also, humans don’t grow on trees so whenever a spat with a neighboring kingdom leaves a few thousand dead, somebody has to pick up the slack. Plus humans tend to enjoy sex, which is a happy part of the character lives when not dealing with political drama.

      3. What you say is historically accurate. But we’re talking about storytelling, and from a storytelling perspective there are better ways to tell pretty much any story, including the plot points you’ve mentioned.

      4. The Silmarillion was a great book, but it did suffer from being a little too much like the Old Testament at times. A lot of great stories in there that I wish he had fleshed out more.

    2. Sorry, but a woman always has a say on whether or not she wants to do a sex scene in teh 21st century, using well women didn’t have a voice in the middle ages is not a good excuse or argument. To go around saying that she should “ought to expect some sex scenes to which you have no say… :)” is rude. You don’t have the right to say well this is a show on the middle ages so you have to do a sex scene and you have no say, you don’t have that right to tell a woman that. I don’t give a damn what time period a tv show is filming the woman have the right to say no since it is the 21st century we live in. We still live in the 21st century not the middle ages. There is no real need for a sex in this show especially when it is irrelevant to the show and doesn’t help the show plot. Just because sex happened back then like it does now doesn’t mean it needs to be in the show. To be quiet frank too much sex ruins a show and makes the show lazy. You sound like an idiot for your last comment. But looking at you and your comment you are an idiot. Also this show isn’t sci-fi it is fantasy.

      1. “There is no real need for a sex in this show especially when it is irrelevant to the show and doesn’t help the show plot” – You mean besides the incestuous relationship that produced illegitimate heirs to the throne, and led to Bran’s paralysis, etc.?

    1. Sex is good. Sex is fun. Sex is also an excuse for lazy hollywood writers to not do their jobs. Besides that, TV/movie sex is just ridiculous for the most part.

      1. I agree. GoT is SO MUCH MORE than sex in the books. Sex is actually scattered around so much in vast details that when it happens; it usually relates to the character’s story or motives. The show does it to attract lusting audiences who have no respect for the source material what so ever

  2. Emelia ur tits are the only reason u got fans for GoT. Ur acting is not extraordinary, neither is ur role nor its portrayal.

  3. I find sex scenes on GOT to be a waste of time. If I want to see half-ass sex scenes, I’ll put on HBO after hours. If I want to see real sex scenes, I’ll google them. If I want to watch a cool fantasy story renouned for it’s intricate plots & great acting, I’d hope to be watching Game of Thrones… I don’t need time from the story to be taken up by pointless sex scenes that don’t add to the plot/story. In some cases they do, in most they dont.

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