Set Photos : Essie Davis to Play ‘Cersei’ in Game of Thrones

essie davis 1

Essie Davis, Australian actress, known for her work in  ‘The Matrix’ movies and ‘The Babadook’, will join the cast of Game of Thrones for the upcoming Season 6.

essie davis cersie

Davis will play the role of an actress who stars as Cersei Lannister in “The Bloody Hand”, a play that will feature in Season 6 and mirror the world of Westeros. Her co-star for this play will be none other than Richard E. Grant who will play the role of fake Robert Baratheon.

Essie Davis richard grant cersie robert baratheon

Davis joins recent Game of Thrones additions – Ian McShane and Pilou Asbæk.

essie davis cersie 1


      1. oh my god, i don’t want lost the real cersei, i want see her back with the new fat montagne

      2. We haven’t seen the last of the mountain I bet 🙂 And Noone has seent he corpse of you, yet. There are rumors that the Hound is living a low life, but not sure if they are true.

      3. No need to worry then, Lena Headey will still be there. And knowing the way season 5 ended for her, Cersei is gonna go on a vengeance spree.

  1. Does anyone read the article? Or just jump right to commenting that Lena is being replaced .. your all idiots idk how u even follow along with the story u can’t even use a Web page

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