Latest Jon Snow Sighting is Huge!

jon snowThe biggest question after Game of Thrones Season 5 finale wasn’t “Is he really dead?” Of course he’s dead. We saw him getting stabbed repeatedly and he looked quite dead in that last shot. Plus, there weren’t any hints to suggest that he may have survived the attack.

The biggest question that no one is answering is “Will he come back?” All HBO, Kit Harington, directors etc. are telling you that he’s “deader than dead”. But will he come back? Maybe he wargs into Ghost, or Melisandre resurrects him or maybe he becomes a white walker. Understandably, people behind Game of Thrones are mum about it and this is why this latest Jon Snow sighting gets interesting.

**Spoiler Alert**

Watchers on the Wall, the GOT fan site with quite a knack for producing true breaking news, got this info from their little birds in Northern Ireland. It seems that Jon snow is not only back for Season 6 but he’s back with a vengeance. Reports indicate that he was seen fighting a huge battle scene in the frosty North and this battle will likely be the Episode 9, traditionally the episode with show’s most epic moments.

Jon Snow has been at the center of major GOT battles in the last two seasons. In Season 4, he was involved in an epic battle with the Wildlings and during the last season, he was seen smashing the White Walkers with his Valyrian steel sword, Longclaw in the show’s highest rated episode till date (Hardhome). It will just not feel right if there’s a big battle without him.

However, unlike the previous battles, this one may not have too many supernatural elements. Well, this is what it seems like but we all know what their VFX teams are capable of. Reports suggest a major battle between the Wildlings, the Northern Houses and the Boltons. There have been various casting calls for Northern Lords and specially for the House Umber and if your remember, which is where Rickon and Osha were headed to in Season 3. Both junior Stark and his nanny are expected to return this season.

Fans must be aware that Umbers are among the most loyal to Starks. So loyal that Greatjon Umber was attacked by Robb’s direwolf in Season 1 and yet he still followed him into battle. So we can expect House Umber to plan revenge against the Boltons for the crimes they have committed against the Starks and their loyalists.

But, will they win this battle? If Jon Snow is with them, probably. If he isn’t, then I will put my money on the Boltons, considering what Ramsay’s 20 good men did to Stannis last season. Bolton’s do pack a punch when it comes to dealing with their enemies.

One thing we don’t know is what role will Littlefinger play in this. Will he battle against the Boltons (as he told Cersie) or will he fight with them? We will let you know as and when more details are available but for now, we are most excited about the return of our favorite Game of Thrones character Jon Snow. Kit Harington was also spotted last week with Iwan Rheon (Ramsay Bolton) in Belfast.

Now that we know that he is involved in a huge battle scene, maybe the poor fella can finally breathe easy in Belfast. Kit has been trying to stay hidden as much as he can but with show’s huge popularity, its not easy to escape from the curiosity of your fans, especially when your character was brutally stabbed to death in the last scene of the season.


  1. I hope this is true, the way he went at the end of Season 5 wasn’t just for his character, of course this is Game Of Thrones but Jon Snow deserves to die in battle, hopefully it doesn’t come to that though…

  2. His “death” at the end of s5 and resurrection from I’m guessing Mel breaks his vows to the Nights Watch so he’d be free to leave the wall and attempt to retake Winterfell

  3. “I shall live and die at my post” That’s what John said in his vow. Well he did die, so surely that ends his vow, so when hes back hes free to lead the wildlings which is what he wanted to do all along.

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