Destiny: Peter Dinklage Vs. Nolan North

Nolan North’s voiceover footage as Ghost in the forthcoming expansion of Destiny – The Taken King – is now available and it seems that the critically adored voice actor (Desmond Miles in Assassin’s Creed, Nathan Drake in Uncharted) has not done a fine job here.

There is no question about North’s skill as a voiceover artist with him being a popular choice for starring roles in major gaming franchises. Peter Dinklage, though with a limited voice over experience, did a better job than what Nolan currently did. However, even the emmy award winner’s performance was considered to be below average compared to standards he has set, playing the iconic and fan favorite Game of Thrones character Tyrion Lannister.

So, two industry veterans didn’t have it in them to play the role of Ghost? Was the role too demanding? I don’t think so. I think it’s safe to conclude that rather than it being Peter or Nolan’s fault, it is very much likely due to quality of┬áDestiny’s script.

Polygon has also released a comparison video, which you can watch above. Decide for yourself and Let us know in comments section below.

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