HBO Launches Game of Thrones’ Pinball Machine

1 pinballPinball is coming and you know what’s coming with it.. loads of fun.

HBO launched today a new GOT styled pinball machine, developed by Stern Pinball. The machines are now available to pre-order and will be shipped this fall. These will also come in three variants: limited, premium and pro, priced at $8795, $7595 and $5995 respectively.

2 pinball

Players will select a Game of Thrones house (Lannister, Stark, Greyjoy, Tyrell, Martell or Baratheon) and will play as a knight as they fight for control over the mythical land of Westeros. To add to the fun, HBO has also revealed that our very own Hound aka Sandor Clegane (Rory McCann) “guides the player throughout the game with authenticity and strong presence.”

Of course, the machines don’t come with flippers of dragonglass or balls of Valyrian steel, but it doesn’t mean that these do not pack a punch. Here are some features:

  • Led lit playfields and an interactive fire-breathing dragon.
  • An angry kickback which fires the ball when hit
  • GOT elements like castle doors and battering ram as well as a “sword of multiball” which can hold back reinforcements until attack.
  • An action button which allows for various interactive play features.
  • “Reel Pops”, a software that rewards players with prizes by spinning three virtual wheels and playing pop bumpers.
  • Drop targets to light up “Lord of Light” lanes that protect players from side drains.

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Pro model comes with a seven shield inserts that represent the GOT houses and the shots on the playfield. Both premium and limited edition also feature a “castle” upper playfield and also come with another set of flippers, shots and an animated dragon.

Limited edition model also features a numbered plaque, a designer-autographed playfield, backglass artwork by Bob Stevlic and a hand-drawn cabinet. There is also a black powder-coated side armor inscribed with Targaryen sigil (dragons) and the house motto (Fire & Blood).

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