Game of Thrones Casts Richard E. Grant

Richard E. GrantIt seems Game of Thrones have got their hands on another British film icon: Richard E. Grant. Grant’s agency CV, as spotted by our friends at Watchers on the Wall, was changed recently to include Game of Thrones; although there is no mention of the character he will be playing.

Grant is best known for his role in Withnail & I, where he played an acerbic, out-of-work alcoholic actor (Withnail) in 1987. Recent notable roles include world weary Jasper (Girls), The Great Intelligence (Doctor Who) and art historian Simon Becker (Downtown Abbey).

HBO is yet to confirm his casting but the Brit, known for his roguish and aristocratic roles, seems a perfect fit for the series. The big question, however, is who will he play in Game of Thrones? Suggestions include Izembaro (a mummer who briefly trains Arya Stark) and Randyll Tarly (Sam’s father and among the best commanders in Westeros).

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