Video: Amanda Peet Talks About ‘Divorcing’ David Benioff, Impersonates Jon Snow

Amanda Peet is pretty angry at her husband, David Benioff, co-creator of Game of Thrones. Reason- Jon Snow’s apparent death in Season 5 finale.

“I don’t love him anymore,” she joked while appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live. “I said, ‘If you kill [Jon Snow], that’s it.’ I’m in the process of getting divorced.”

Jimmy was quite impressed with Mrs. Benioff’s level of devotion to GOT and complemented her: “That would put you at the top of the list of hardcore fans, that’s for sure,” he said.

Peet is obviously kidding about the divorce but you can see that she isn’t lying about the fact that she, along with millions of other fans, are quite pissed at GRRM and D&D for killing one of the show’s most loved characters.

She also displayed her love for the show by impersonating Jon Snow (who is apparently a bra enhancer salesman now) and didn’t do a bad job either.

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