Emilia Clarke Terminated from Genisys Sequels, Blamed for Flop?

emilia clarke terminator genisys

Emilia Clarke will probably not return to the ‘Terminator Genisys’ sequel, as her ‘bad acting’ is being blamed to be the reason of movie’s failure. An insider confirmed:

“Sadly her acting ability has been called into question and has in part been blamed for the film’s flop. Of course it’s not all her fault, but they basically don’t want her back. They’re saying she doesn’t have the star power they thought she did.”

This is not the first time a young actor has been made a scapegoat for film’s failure. Making a film is a collective responsibility and the actress, who has been successfully playing Daenerys Targaryen on Television’s most successful show, can’t just be alone responsible for the movie’s failure. There are several opinions on why the ‘Terminator Genisys’ Film was a flop. Take a look at some:

  • Storyline is confusing – Even with the mounds of expositions that this one shovels on the viewer, if you are a first timer with the Terminator franchise, then you’ll be lost. If you only saw the preceding Terminator film, you’ll be lost. If you have seen all four prior Terminator films, then you might stand a chance, but even that’s shaky. A hard to follow story is rarely a big seller; a hard to follow story that is also supposed to be a summer blockbuster is a recipe for failure.
  • Poor casting? – Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Terminator is truly iconic but his age makes it increasingly difficult to believe in his character.  The other stories have already revealed that Skynet built Terminators with wildly different appearances so the production team could easily have cast a new, younger actor as the newest guardian Terminator even if Arnold still cameoed as a unique aged Terminator.  This choice left the success of the film coupled tightly to Arnold’s own fading box-office appeal.
  • The big trailer reveal – The second trailer famously gave away the identity of the new Terminator in the franchise and immediately spoiled the main plot twist in the storyline. With that knowledge, many possible attendees might have felt justified to assume that the film had little left to offer.

Emilia Clarke is not the only one to blame here. What is your opinion on the matter? Do you think Emilia is the guilty one for the film was a failure? Let us know in the comments.


  1. It’s actually quite evident Star Power is no longer a drawing factor to the cinema, back in the day you could bank on an actor’s charisma to sell the movie, nowadays they are competing with rampant piracy.

    1. I’m sure they factored that into it. Movies still make tons of money even with piracy. Piracy is kind of an unrelated issue here.

  2. The big reveal is the worst. I remember Terminator 2: Judgement Day, which was BY FAR the best of the Terminator movies, for the longest time you assumed Arnold was the Terminator looking to hunt down John Conner and that Robert Patrick was the good guy sent back to protect him….. DOUBLE PLOT TWIST!! Robert Patrick was actually a next gen Terminator, and Arnold was really the one sent back to protect John. Then there was the whole secondary story behind the action with the deeper connection between man and machine.. It was a beautiful movie.

    I didn’t see Genisys in theaters… because I was worried that with what I had seen in trailers, and what I thought was an absolute joke with Salvation, I was just going to get another shoot em up action movie with zero substance just trying to ride the coat tails of an established franchise… Which brings up the part of forcing Arnold into it. I loved him as the original Terminator, but we need to give it a rest… He’s old. Not a good fit for what is supposed to be a visually and physically intimidating, seemingly unstoppable “cybernetic organism” sent from the future. And it doesn’t fit the story-line of what the Terminator was supposed to be…. an infiltration unit. One that could disguise itself as a human and enter in their ranks without detection. Kinda hard to do that if you keep putting out Terminators that look the exact same.

    Which, again, goes right back to the reveal… because of getting Arnold in it again, we knew exactly who was the good guy and bad guy.

  3. I loved Genisys and so did my daughter who had never seen any Terminator movies before. Her eyes were shining when we came out of the theatre. So it was not a bad film.

  4. I loved it, most people expect to much from a fuckin’ Terminator movie. robots, jokes explosions, done.
    I also had NO trouble following the storie. most people are probably a bit retarded when it comes to 4 dimensional thinking I guess…
    The plottwist reveal was a huge mistake tho.

  5. Great movie. Like what they can continue to do from t3 not 4 because that was just shite and storyline was brutal. The whole pops thing was a nono for me. Special effects storyline was great. Genisys As good as T2. Plus side there is three bad ass terminators opposed to 1 in all the others. Yes get rid of Emily she belongs on a dragon. Terminator needs to be darker more sinister and emotionless.

  6. it
    wasn’t her acting, it was the whole story line of the movie. I mean
    going back to T1 and replacing the original Terminator, it just
    completely fucked the whole franchise in one swift move. Why the need
    for later movies when all this happened in this one. As a die hard
    Terminator fan, they ruined it not her.

  7. total
    bullsh!t the film was bad, nothing to do with her acting. blame the
    story writers and the director. arnie wasnt good either! in fact theres no need to do more terminator films its just going in circles and a bit naff now

  8. Fuck the fuck off! She was excellent in the movie. The plot wasn’t for everyone but I thoroughly enjoyed it! It brought the story back to hinge it around the more interesting character in Sarah Connor over fucking John. And Emilia Clarke is a fantastic actress that should not be blamed for any of this. Maybe people are just sick of Terminator movies? The trailer reveal did kill my hype a tad but I don’t think the movie itself is actually the reason why it’s bombing.

    It was released at a poor time and had loads of competition, the trailer was a spoiler too far and the plot maybe covered too much ground for a casual fan.

  9. Revealing the plot twist during the trailer was the wrong idea, however I believe that having Emilia cast as Sarah was a brilliant choice.The way she portrayed the character was perfect given the role and lines she had to work with, the story writers made a big mistake in the storyline by putting too much exposition in the film a bit more character development instead would have helped it succeed

  10. The only reason I watched genisys was for Emilia Clark’s portrayal of Sarah Conner!!! This film had its high and low points but with Hollywood making reboot after reboot how are you to decide which will win which will sit by the way side. I will say if she leaves the series I will not be watching anymore. Unless they are viewed for free.

    1. Good riddance!
      Idiots like you should not even be watching Terminator. She was the WORST Sarah Connor ever!

      Bring back Linda Hamilton!

      1. Even though she wasn’t in any of the movies, I wouldn’t mind seeing Lena Headey play her again.

  11. It is not Emilia clarke’s fault at all, her acting is fine and alot better then arnold’s acting, the whole movie was wrong and did not make sense, Spoiler alert: How can The guy who is sent back be john conners father when he is rescued in the future as a kid by a grown up john conner, the fault in the movie is the Time warp shit wich made a whole new reality and fucks everyones brain up.

  12. This was a decent movie, and entertaining; good action, light on story. Movie still grossed over $400million worldwide, hard to call that a flop….

  13. Other possibilities: people are tired of Terminator in general, Arnold S has been vocal on divisive political issues while he held office and as a result many are no longer fans, the story was a mess, the original portrayal of Sarah Connor was so distinct and iconic that any talented actress (like Clarke) will not be judged fairly for their portrayal.

  14. she was easily the worst part of the film, i agree there…. but that movie was a hot mess.
    she holds about 30% of the blame, and the rest is on the overproduced garbage they just threw at the theaters in time to make it a “summer blockbuster”.

    also… scripting: learn it. .

  15. I put 0% of the blame on Emilia Clarke. I do think she was miscast, however. She’s not Daniel Day Lewis, and living up to Linda Hamilton’s portrayal of Sarah Connor would have required that level of acting dedication. Seeing that Emilia had previous commitments to Game of Thrones, I doubt she would even be allowed to get into the incredibly buff shape Hamilton got into for T2 (how does Game of Thrones explain how Daenerys all of the sudden looks ripped?). And it’s not just the physique, but Emilia is very cute and adorable, which is really just not the right look for Sarah Connor. If anyone is to blame it’s the casting agent or the producers. And just so there’s no misunderstanding, I have no problem with Emilia Clarke’s acting ability. I think she’s a fine actress.

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