GRRM Confirms Stannis’ Fate in the Books

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Possible Spoilers for ASOIAF and GOT ahead.

Is Game of Thrones deviating too much from the source material? According to George R.R. Martin, Stannis is “Alive beyond a doubt” in the books, responding to fan query on LiveJournal when he was asked to “cut the crap” and confirm Stannis’ fate.

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    1. The whole Baratheon family are usurpers. Stannis would have the top claim to the throne by being next in line to his brother, Robert. What his younger brother did by declaring himself the next king is treason and punishable by death, which is what Stannis dealt him.

      1. I don’t name Robert Baratheon a userper. He won the battles and in the end he got the iron throne. Ok I would love for Dany to be queen of Westeroes but, if we name Robert a userper, then we should name Aegon the userper of the six kingdoms!

      2. Uhh there has to be an established throne to overthrow as one of its subjects to be a usurper. Aegon took thrones from others that he was not a subject of, on the other hand Robert was a subject of the people he overthrew. You kinda don’t get what a usurper is if you don’t understand the difference. On the other hand Stannis probably is the most legitemate heir to the throne as he is a confirmed blood relative, meanwhile the children from Robert raping are not acknowledged as children just as typical bastards would be disregarded when no clear connection (no some guess at looking like someone would not count. Obvs saying stannis is legit is due to Jofs not being Roberts, thus Stannis is not a usurper if he took the throne so can’t be a family of it even if the younger brothers of Robert and Renley are.

      3. From your point of view yeah makes more sense 😉 I think in the end there will be no Iron Throne to speak of…
        But come to think about it yeah the seeds were there to overthrow the Targaryens and userp the throne. I did not think about the whole subject thing! Anyway, Stannis may be the most legit but I doubt He will make it out of the north alive 🙁

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