R+L=J+M Explained

If you thought, that you had figured what GRRM has in mind for ASOIAF/GOT, think again.. There is another fan theory which changes things a bit and it is related to our most favorite topic – Jon Snow’s parentage.

Most of the fans out there are expecting R + L = J to be true i.e., Jon Snow is the child of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark. There has been several hints and easter eggs in the show, which has led us to believe this theory. Even Sean Bean (Ned Stark) has confirmed that he is not Jon Snow’s father.

Now,  here’s an altered version of the above theory, which if true, might shake up things in upcoming seasons and novels:

Part 1:  Lyanna Stark had twins:

Yes, you read it right! Redditor ghostchief has proposed an interesting theory which could be opening scene of Season 6 featuring a flashback of Ned and Lyanna as she passes away giving birth. Castillo de Zafra in Spain is confirmed as a shooting location and is widely believed to be the Tower of Joy, where Lyanna was found dead.

Castillo de Zafra in Spain widely believed to be the Tower of Joy in GOT Season 6
Castillo de Zafra in Spain widely believed to be the Tower of Joy in GOT Season 6

Here is the Redditor’s interpretation of Lyanna’s last moments:

The dialogue swells and clarifies to [Lyanna’s] voice, “Promise me, Ned.”
Her eyes slowly close.
Ned begins to sob.
He raises his head to sound another high pitch noise coming from the foot of the bed.
A baby girl.

So R + L = J + ?

Considering Jon to be one of the twin, the big question is who’s the other twin? Daenerys? Umm, considering her birth is a well known story with her mother dying during a greater storm, this seems unlikely. Someone who is yet to be introduced? Maybe. But there is an existing character who is perfect for the role.

Part 2: R + L = J  + M

Now who is this Ms. M? Ned Stark and 6 others fought 3 Kingsguard who were guarding the Tower of Joy. Only 2 of them survived the fight: Ned Stark and Meera Reed’s father Howland Reed.  So, if Lyanna did have twins, safest bet would be to take one each. So, Ned went back home with Jon and Howland took home Meera Reed.

First Evidence: Looks.

jon snow and meera reed

The hair seems to be very similar. Plus, Meera’s description in books, brown hair and slim build matches Arya, whose looks have been compared to Lyanna in the books.

Second Evidence: Age

As per Wiki of Ice and Fire, Jon and Meera are the exact same age i.e. both were born in 283 AC, same year Lyanna died.

Also, in A Clash of Kings, it is implied that the Starks and Reeds have maintained their distance since Lyanna’s death:

Sir Rodrick tells Bran, “Howland Reed was a great friend to your father,” but later, Bran recalls that his father did send letters to Howland, but no one from House Reed “had ever called at Winterfell.” Could this be because, Howland was staying away from Ned for a reason.. perhaps, to keep Lyanna’s secret that Meera Reed is Jon Snow’s sister.

What do you think about this? Could Meera be the prophesied third head of Dragon or, though unlikely, could be Azor Ahai reborn, a figure Melisandre believes will save the people from the White Walkers? Do let us know in comments.


  1. Very creative,but a theory based on an unfounded speculation is not a theory.

    By the same count,one could argue that Lyanna had triplets-which would explain why she died after birth-and those triplets are the three dragonheads.BOOM,right?NO.

  2. No. Not buying this at all. Huge speculation and no real supporting evidence. Doesn’t make sense to the books also. People have been getting too bored and have been coming up with some crazy crack pot theories. Hurry up GRRM, people are apparently starting to go crazy with ideas for your story.

  3. Besides, Meera and Jojen have the Reed green eyes. Not fitting with Starks’ grey or Targaryen’s violet. George has proven he knows the basics of genetics, so this theory can be counted as busted.

  4. Bran will fly a dragon. He is learning to fly with the ravens. Not sure if he will ride, but he will fly it. We already know that Danny can ride one. Will Jon be the third????

    1. Bran won’t ride a dragon, he will warg into one; specifically, into Drogon, thus finally helping Daenerys tame him.

  5. This is all garbage. First, that redditor’s idea is purely wishful thinking. There is no evidence in the book that suggest Ned heard ANY children crying. Secondly, the original article has been removed which doesn’t give a whole lot of hope to the theory. Third, this isn’t new idea. The idea that Meera could be Jon’s sister has been around for a while.

  6. You’ve all forgot one thing. There is an other Targaryen, Rhaegar’s son. Read the books, Tyrion travel with him to Meereen.

  7. There is an other Targaryen, Rhaegar’s son, who is supposed to have been killed by Gregor Clegane when he was a baby…. Read the books, Tyrion travel with him to Meereen.

    1. We are not sure he is Rhaegar’s son. He claims to be but he might be a Blackfire pretending to be a Targaryen. They have the same characteristics like the purple eyes and the hair colour.

  8. the third is the Targaryian infant whose head was NOT smashed against the wall. Why is no one talking about that? I havent finished the last book yet, so I don’t know what happens with that one, but perhaps he is the third dragon head

  9. R+L=J + ? -> abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz ->from R until J you have 18 characters. From L to D you also have 18 characters. Just saying… Maybe this is not about twins, maybe this is about who will rule. Daenerys on the throne with John as a lover? who knows 😀

  10. I don’t think it is true , why would Ned stark , let catelyn , get so upset and hurt by having another child with another women and make her feel so jealous of jon snow , that she will pray to the gods to let me die as an infant, Ned isn’t that sort of person to keep that sort of secret from his own wife x

    1. R+L=j is all but confirmed. You should read the books. That boy is his sisters. His honor bound promise to his dying sister to protect her son. He had to keep the parantage secret or Robert would have had him killed.

    2. I don’t know. I think she prayed for Jon Snow’s death without her husband’s knowledge. Ned was a very honorable man and he promised his sister he would tell know one. How cld he trust giving away such a big secret. Cat cld have told someone in confidence, like her sister or whomever. That info cld have gotten into the wrong hands.

  11. Good thought and interesting for sure, but last weeks episode showed us the third dragon rider…Tyrion Lannister. Dragons only respond to and accept the Targeryen blood line. Tywin even told him “I raised you as my own.”

  12. This R+L=J theory seems pretty solid, including this +M part, but it misses one important point in the show: predominance of male genes. This is the very and only way for Jon Arryn to be sure that Joffrey, Myrcella and Tommen weren’t Robert’s children – which also costed Ned’s life. If you look at the same perspective, these black haired characters could not be Targaryen.

    1. The genes aren’t dominant because they come from the male. In the case of Robert baratheon and the Lannister children they were dominant because brown hair is a dominant gene over blond. So if you were to reverse it and have Cersei with dark hair instead of Robert then the children would most likely have dark hair.

      1. Yep. The bit I understand about genetics tell me you’re right.
        But the show won’t follow the same rules as real life science.

        Lannisters will have golden hair, Targaryen folks will roll with silverish hair and the northern guys will have the darkest shades (I think that it’s because they descended from the First Men, while the Lannisters and other southern folks descend from the Andals).

        So – and I’m talking about the show’s logic – since the children earn the name of their father, and they tend to keep the same biotype for endless generations, it seems pretty safe to me to assume that JS isn’t a Targaryen (but PLEASE let the Seven prove me wrong, that would be WICKED).

      2. Well you’re wrong. Elia Martell and Rhaegar had two children. A boy, Aegon, with white hair, and a girl, I don’t remember her name, but she had the hair of her mummy which was dark brown.
        Sansa is ginger…. did cait cheat on Ned ? Nope.
        Genetic in the show isnt as simple as you say.

      3. And it should not be!
        I’m talking about is the book Ned used to figure the Lannisters incest.
        I just pointed that the show uses its logics to make sure one belongs to one family or another.
        If genetics would be that simple, you would not find a ginger north of the wall (but lets hope a very specific one hooks up with Brienne ASAP). =)

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