Game of Babies: 280 Babies were Named Arya in the U.K. in 2015

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maisie-williams-arya-youngMost of the characters in Game of Thrones are subjected to vast amounts of distress, pain , miserly and in many cases, death but this fact hasn’t deterred parents in the United Kingdom from naming their newborns after their favorite GOT/ASOIAF characters.

As per the latest data by Office for National Statistics, 280 babies were named Arya in 2015, 68 Khaleesi, 11 Sansa, 4 Brienne and 6 each for Lyanna and Daenerys.

Surprisingly, Theon was the most popular boy’s name based on Game of Thrones. 30 boys were named Theon, Jon 23, Tyrion 14, Bran 11, 5 Ramsay and 6 each for Gregor and Sandor.

There are no records of a baby being named as Reek or Joffrey.


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  1. Sándor is a Hungarian name 😊 i’m proud some of the british children are named after him 😊

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